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Stumps make interesting art pieces, but mine is ready to go!

Stumps can uproot the general aesthetic of your yard. Much like the tip of an iceberg effect, stumps imply complex and grown root systems. After a tree has experienced severe weather damage or has been cut on your property, a lot of careful planning and strategizing is important. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure to spare no details in our work translating to a fantastic end result for your property. A challenging large stump needs more than an amateur, so give us a call for a free estimate on our next stump pulling job!

Industry practice dictates stumps be trimmed as closely to the ground as possible. That said, there’s no guarantee that they won’t remain a serious injury thread to any wildlife, children, or pets on your property. In some cases, a stump can be just as hazardous as an unsafe tree. What we do for our fellow tree lovers here at Elevated Tree Service requires training and equipment. With that said, stump grinding or whole removal requires some of the most sophisticated equipment. A tree cut today can have roots that sometimes take weeks to die, but know that our team will ensure we do it once and do it right.

What factors do I need to keep in mind when considering an action plan?

Trees live as integral parts of their environment. This doesn’t change when the tree is cut down, which is an important thing to note. A stump still can influence soil, land erosion, and any surrounding wildlife or vegetation living in the area. This is the same way that a living tree’s safety can do so. As such, no two stumps are identical and every project thus requires a separate course of action. The smaller and simpler a stump, the more probable a full removal is likely to make sense. In the case of large, tall, or complex trees that have been cut, usually stump grinding to a height well below the ground makes more sense.

You can think of stump grinding like pruning albeit subterranean for trees that are no longer living. Our stump grinding and removal is handled by a skilled technician who specializes in stumps. We stand behind all of the work that our employees do with confidence their utmost level of care and respect will impress you. The surrounding environment of your property will have never looked better!

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No matter what your property’s trees or stumps look like, we have the resources and agility to cater to any job. Every step of the way, our kind and qualified staff will be there to ensure there aren’t any surprises. Victoria and Vancouver Island has a beautifully abundant microbiome that we’re experienced in handling every day on the job. Let us know you why and how we love your trees as much as you do. Take confidence in knowing we’re fully-insured, well reviewed, and eager to get started with you as soon as you’re ready.