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Looking to have a tree or shrub removed?

A variety of circumstances can bring about tough questions such as if or when a tree needs removal. Whether you’ve got permits for expanding your home, overhauling your yard, or have a tree damaged in an accident or harsh weather, these things happens. The more damaged a tree is or the closer is to your home and buildings, the more surgical precision required. Experts can be confident in ensuring extraction happens successful. No project is too big or small for us!

Our skilled team of tree professionals can handle even the most complex tree removal jobs. When pruning doesn’t go far enough, let us bring in the proper equipment with the proper precautions to get the job done right. It’s never an easy decision figuring out how to handle a tree removal or even if it’s necessary. Let us answer your questions and handle the guesswork. Though we mean no offense, tree removal is one of those things you should never attempt yourself. You may not have the proper equipment, safety gear, or liability insurance should luck not be on your side with that hatchet, chainsaw, or truck winch.

What makes Elevated a good business to work with on tree removal?

A lot of emphasis should be on ensuring the team you select for the job is the best choice. Elevated Tree Service has an excellent safety record and carries full liability insurance. In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, you as the property or homeowner will not be held liable for any resulting harm, injury, or damages. Though it’s not a nice thing to think about, it is a nice thing not to have to worry about! That way, you can focus on what matters to you and we can focus on what matters to your trees.

To ensure the best possible result, we put a lot of methodical planning into every tree removal. Specific removal plans are created for you catered to your specific needs and the unique challenges and obstacles faced. This may include an aerial bucket lift, cranes, specialized rigging systems, and more. Whatever it takes to ensure minimal disruption and a maximal customer satisfaction is our priority on even the toughest of jobs.

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Why Is Elevated Tree Service The Best Choice?

Tree removal is no easy task, particularly for the tougher jobs. Not only are we tree lovers, but we’re also some of the greenest thumbs you’ll find. Tree removal often requires experience understanding other specialists, and we’re ready for it. Though we are not electricians or plumbers, we know how to work around and near hazards so we don’t get stumped. And if we do, we’ll remove the stump too bringing in equipment and a specialist once the time is right and the removal is complete. This can help us make informed choices that protect your property and our employees. If we need to team up with your electric company or a specialist, you’ll know about it right from the get-go in our free estimates we proudly offer.