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A healthy tree is a happy tree and a happy property owner

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy property takes work, there’s no denying that. Much the same as keeping a home tidy or a desk organized, incremental and regular maintenance goes a long way. When trees don’t have their health prioritized, the costs and risks can increase over time. With these increases comes more frustration and anxiety for you as the property owner, but you don’t need to worry about it alone anymore. Elevated is here to help, and we’re professionals ready to get pests, diseases, and nutritional deficiencies out of the way. Your property’s area and view should be soothing and relaxing for you, so if your trees need a checkup or some tender loving care, we’re here to help.

It sort of sounds deceptive though… is tree health even real?

A tree’s health may not seem that real until it’s too late and needs removal. Unhealthy trees can spread their issues and diseases to surrounding foliage and areas. Our passion for trees like yours is absolutely sincere. We’ve learned time and time again how crucial containment is and the payoff: avoiding unexpected expensive problems in the future. Even stumps can play a role in the environment’s health and wellbeing! Trees are as alive as our families, friends, and pets, so they too require the occasional healthcare treatment or procedure. Though trimming and pruning do play important parts in a healthcare regimen for your trees, there is more to it than that. But there’s more to health can damage control or pest containment. As fellow tree lovers, there is a whole other side to a tree’s vitality that is just as important. Preventative and curative treatments are involved processes. Further, they need to be considered in context to the living environment your property always has been. Our team of professionals exercise diligence in ensuring great value for our clients. Further, we’re sensitive to the environmental issues associated with tree service. Know that you’re in careful and good hands picking Elevated to handle the wellbeing of your property’s trees and shrubs.

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Elevated Tree Service is a reputable and reliable leader in the industry here on Vancouver Island. We know the specifics of what goes into managing tree health and safety alike, and we’re proud to offer free estimates on every project we take on. Give us a call if you want to meet kind professionals who care as much as you do about the beauty and health of your trees. We can provide advice, tips, and resources on where you can learn more about the diverse greenery that surrounds your property. From there, you’ll know how best to ensure our team’s efforts can provide you with the best possible results. If you already know a little bit about your trees, there’s likely more that we can share once you get in touch. Who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised by some amazing information we can offer on your property’s trees.