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Hedge Trimming by Elevated Tree ServiceHedge trimming is a lot like hair: you don’t know how much you needed yours cut until you get it done by a professional. Hedges feature unique processes that are different from conventional tree trimming. Though tree trimming is about sunlight and safety, hedge trimming matters more for privacy and property lines.

Trimming involves pruning and edging at least once or twice a year. This of course will depend on the particular hedge or microclimate it grows in. Given enough warmth and rainfall, you may find that the local climate means your hedges are even more demanding than this.

There’s quite a bit of talent required to understand not only the way that hedges grow, but also the way that gravity can impact their growth. Trust our experts to have the skills to get the job done right the first time.

Your hedge will have never looked better, guaranteed! And not only this, but we’ll handle the fuss with yard cleanup and disposal so you can save your back and yard rake for other tough job instead.

Get results tailored to your unique hedges.

A hedge is as much a part of your yard’s appearance as any other building or tree. Understanding the surroundings of a hedge helps empower us to ensure the strategies we use match your expectations. Even a hedge’s health matters the same way we always factor in tree health.

Variations in height, thickness, and accessibility are all factors we consider. Each can have a dramatic impact on our approach tending to your yard. Our customers expect the best from us every single visit.

We know this. It’s what drives us to do what we do coupled with our absolute love of trees. As a result, we’re happy to make note of exactly how they like their shrubs and hedges trimmed. This means down the road that later servicing needn’t start from square one all over again.

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Topiary is a living and unique type of art. Much the same way that different kinds of paint often mean different canvases and brushes, yard maintenance is very much the same way. Let us maintain, sharpen, and clean the tools so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve got the safest approach.

Though a single hedge trimmer might not be the most costly purchase, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Tall hedge and advanced shaping requires experience, top notch equipment, and powerful tools. Our service at Elevated Tree Service is guaranteed to leave you satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our work. We’re ready when you are, so call now!