Staying sharp with your hedge maintenance matters.

The vast majority of hedges will benefit a lot from trimming twice annually. There’s more to it than beauty and sharp edges too. Dead or dying branches can reduce a hedge’s health or cause risk to surrounding plants and wildlife living within them. As such, it’s always best to have your hedges evaluated and treated by professionals. We understand their growth and are eager to teach you.

Further, there’s no real universal rule of thumb that can apply to every single hedge out there. Evergreen and deciduous hedges grow in different ways. It’s important to ensure they’re trimmed according to how they grow right from when they’re first planted. Though it’s not the end of the world if things have become a little overgrown, better to get on top of any necessary hedge trimming as soon as possible!

Timing is everything getting your hedges maintained.

Generally, late summer is a smart time to get any hedge trimmed. This will be the fastest period of growth right before it cools down. This makes it a perfect time to get edges and heights looking great. Depending on whether it’s an evergreen or deciduous hedge will determine the other time of the year to consider.

Of course, some hedges are slow enough in their growth that they only need trimming once a year or so. On the flip side, other hedges could need more frequent trimming than twice annually. Pruning at the correct times of the year will ensure that the longevity of the hedge is preserved. This also benefits the overall health too!

Ensure each inch of your hedge gets the sunlight it needs.

A proper hedge trimming can’t be rushed. The thicker or older a hedge is, the more important it will be to ensure that it grows in a healthy way. The thickest of hedges often begin to die or wilt on the inside as sunshine no longer makes it to the core leaves. Knowing where to hand trim and make adjustments can make a huge difference. Hedge health is a lot like tree health in that sense – another service we proudly offer.

The beauty of this is that it can all be done without compromising any privacy or clean edging with your hedge. Discrete angular cuts at the precise length maintain the consistency of a hedge. At the same time, this ensures ample sunlight and rainfall can reach the hedge’s entirety. The finer details are what make the difference for our special customers with extra-special trees and hedges.

Every talked about a hedge’s growth strategy?

Here at Elevated Tree Service, we love working with tree-obsessed and plant-passionate customers. If you’re looking to add, rejuvenate, or remove a hedge, make sure you’ve got the expert opinion in your corner. We’ll be sure to provide recommendations on which species will best serve your end goals. On a similar token, you’ll receive tips on ideal spacing and maintenance schedules. Let’s take the guesswork out of hedge design and trimming, so you can focus on enjoying your yard instead of loathing it.