Even the most well-kept properties are not immune to dead trees. Everyone agrees that dead trees are unsightly, but many people don’t realize that they are also dangerous. Even though a dead tree won’t appear to harm your property, there are many great reasons for you to remove them from your property as soon as possible. When you need to get a dead tree removed, it needs to be done the right way by a professional tree service.  

Curb Appeal

One of the things that everyone thinks about when they are looking for a home is the curb appeal. Beautifully maintained properties are more valuable than ones that have dead, scraggly hedges or brittle, dry trees. Without regular hedge trimming, your property may lower the value of the homes around it just by association. Keeping up this sort of thing should be left to a professional tree and hedge trimming service.


When trees are in the process of dying or dead they attract pests like termites and ant colonies. This is because the dead tree is less difficult to consume or chew through than a live tree.  A termite infested tree could result in the trees next to it becoming infected and then dying because of the pests. If a dead tree is close to your property, these pests can even make their way inside your home. To prevent the spread of these pests, a tree removal service should be called to safely and effectively clear the damaged tree.


Like all living things, trees can get sick too. Certain illnesses like anthracnose or blight can spread from one plant to another and if left untreated can also be caught by surrounding leafy plants. These illnesses can spread to other plants more readily after your tree has died. For example, powdery mildew will spread as long as the mildew itself lives. To ensure that your sick or dying trees are being handled correctly, a tree service that has a certified arborist handy is a must. Arborists can confidently let you know if a sick tree is salvageable and check the surrounding plants for signs of illness.

Falling Branches

When a tree is alive, but branches have died, those branches have a risk of falling during a storm or with heavy snow, rain, or ice. Falling branches can destroy cars, roofs, and even cause death if they hit a person. Safely removing branches is best left to a professional tree service for many reasons. Not only do services like Elevated Tree Service have the appropriate equipment to remove dead branches safely, but they should also carry insurance for the off-chance that there is damage to your property during the removal. By hiring a professional, you remove the risk of having to pay for equipment and costly repairs.

Dead trees dry out and become brittle. After a time, this will weaken the integrity of the tree and cause it to fall. While dead trees weigh less than live ones, they still can cause considerable damage to homes and properties. If you are worried that your property may need a tree pruning or trees removed altogether, give us a call for a free quote!