The first thing that people notice about your home is your yard. It is how you present your private life to the outside world. Are hedges making your yard look like it’s still Halloween? Let a professional take your yard from Adam’s Family to Love Your Garden. Curb appeal is all-important when it comes to your home’s value. If you’re looking at getting your home appraised, selling, or just want to impress the neighbors, Elevated Tree Service has you covered.

While it may sound cheesy to say, every hedge is a bit different from others. If you hire a company that treats your hedges like your trees, you are bound to be disappointed with the results. For a polished finished product, you need hedge experts.

Hedge Trimming and Tree Trimming

When we trim trees, we have two major focuses: sunlight and safety. We want you to have optimal light on your yard while assuring that the branches of your trees aren’t dangerous to you and your family. Trees, generally speaking, aren’t meant to enhance your privacy.

When we talk about trimming your hedges, we optimally would come out twice a year or more. Each time we come out to trim we will work with the microclimate of your yard and the desires you have for your space If you want to keep tight, geometric shapes, we will have to come out more often to keep the lines crisp and defined. Regardless of your yard’s needs, Elevated Tree Service will do everything to give you the yard of your dreams.

This is different than the act of Pruning. When you’re trimming you are worried about the shape, style, and finish of the yard. Pruning is done to protect the tree or shrub and doesn’t put much consideration to the appearance. Trimming is done to remove brush and undergrowth and shrubs while pruning removes dead and infected branches. When in doubt, pruning is for function and trimming is for form.

Trusted Experts

We love showing off the talent of our people. We made sure that our people have the eye of an artist with the heart of an arboriculture enthusiast. Your yard is going to look great and, just as importantly, be as healthy as it can be. We will even put the extra spit and polish on the project by handling all of the cleanup and raking before we leave.

Your yard is an extension of you. We know that you’re trusting us with that presentation. If your yard doesn’t scream “you” at the top of its lungs, we didn’t do our job. We want your hedges to look great. This means that we are going to take the whole picture into account. We want every structure and building to be framed exactly the way you want them to be and present the look and atmosphere you want your yard to have. You can expect the best from us because we demand it ourselves.

Tools of the Trade

Like any other artist, we put a lot of thought into our tools. The painter preps their paints and the blacksmith stokes their fire. The canvas of your yard deserves the very best we can give it. When we survey your property we are looking at an exciting new project in landscape sculpture. We want to assure that we do work that makes it clear your yard wasn’t manicured by amateurs.

There are two basic types of shears, hand shears, and lopping shears. Both types have very specific uses. Hand shears are smaller and typically used for small adjustments like removing flower buds and leaves. The best way to know if you can use a pair of hand shears it to compare the width of the offending foliage to the width of your thumb. If it is larger than your thumb, you may want to switch to a larger cutting tool. Meanwhile, lopping shears have a handle that allows reach and strength to cut down thick branches. Extremely thick branches sometimes need to be pruned with a saw.